As a tutor I use pragmatic mindfulness to inform my work with others. When teaching I can make use of my own experience and work mindfully helping people with memory or concentration issues. These often go hand in hand with compromised mental health. I have been both amazed and heartened over the years by students overcoming difficulties in he most creative ways

I use my time in nature mindfully and draw on the natural world for inspiration.It is thanks to time spent in this mindful way that I live well with PTSD and I truly believe that spending time in nature is healing for body and soul. Taking time to really look and consider has a profound effect on my work and consequently my own well being.I have been extremely lucky to have been able to share some of my insight through my teaching work.

I live in the Beautiful county of Dorset and spend much of my spare time in nature. Of course I take my camera with me on my wanders through the beautiful countryside. For a few short weeks of the year spring brings a carpet of blue to a beautiful Dorset woodland. Spring is my favourite time of the year and I would like to take you there.
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Painting with light